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My estimated life expectancy is 84.54 years. That’s according to a rough calculation completed by a robot and backed by a friendly bit of science. It asked lifestyle questions then generated a fancy what if scenario around changing those habits. Compared to the average person I seem to be ahead in only a few categories.

Raw Nerdtastic Expectancy Data

• Lower Quartile: 77.00 years (75% chance you will live longer than this)

• Median Lifetime: 87.21 years (50% chance you will live longer than this)

• Upper Quartile: 95.21 years (25% chance you will live longer than this)

• If you do not drive, your life expectancy would be 0.37 years longer

• If you do not have any stress listed in the table, your life expectancy would be 0.57 years longer

• If you become a conditioning exerciser, your life expectancy would be 0.99 years longer

• If you consume all 5 types of food everyday, your life expectancy would be -0.00 years longer (I hope tacos are a food group because this number is definitely wrong)

• Having between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a day has maximized your life expectancy

• If all of the above choices are adopted, your life expectancy would be 1.79 years longer (oh goodie)

While working on my life plan a few months ago I thought it would be cool to use an expectancy calculator to add perspective. Everyone says it’s gone in a blink, but how close is it really? By no means do I expect this to be 100% accurate, but it’s simply fascinating to me to have a date when my century long carnival ride is finally over. Coming to terms with mortality puts my focus on gratitude. Enjoying the moments I have to slowly iterate each shift in course along the way.

Planning in decades is a technique I’ve used for a while. Thinking in large amounts of time while asking myself the question, “What is the theme?” gives a sense of comfort in understanding how the giant puzzle pieces fit together. The theme of my 20s is Discovery and Exploration, as I imagine yours may be as well. If not, rest easy; there will be some grand adventures in your future my friend.

My 30s are not defined and up until now this was a source of anxiety. This was misplaced emotion. Wherever you are in life look for the themes that already exist which brought you to the awesome today you marinate in. Therein lies clues to where your internal compass has led you thus far. All of us plan whether we intend to or not. What ports will you visit in your beautiful billion dollar yacht (yes I’m talking about your kick butt life) before a final sail into the horizon?