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Natural light floods even the back corners of Cuvee while mindless citizens are absorbed in their cell phones. There is a quiet buzz about the place. Or are those my own thoughts consuming my mind? There isn’t room for the mind-numbing norm and my creative sparks. Both simply can’t exist together, and I can sense the battle; it’s going to be an all-out duel. The feeling that’s running through my body is familiar. It means I’m about to create magic. As I sip on the first nitro coffee I’ve ever tasted, it hits me. I’m spitting out ideas as my girlfriend bounces back. We’re playing a metaphorical game of tennis.

Idea. Additional idea. Suggestion to make a good idea great. Another idea.

What’s just taken place is a regular occurrence for me. Creating new ideas takes as little as seeing a flyer on the streets of Austin or hearing about a news story through Facebook. It’s happened while walking through the mall, and I’ve experienced it during late-night drives across the state. Care to know my secret?

I’m not stuck in the Matrix.

It’s easy to be fooled by what’s in front of us. Despite the ridiculous news stories we see daily, society is really quite intelligent. We’re trained to go to college, get a decent paying job, settle down with a spouse, invest in a house in the suburbs, and travel once we retire and the kids have moved out. How often have any of us questioned this norm? Let’s take a moment to realize that our lives are planned out for us from the beginning.

I hope you’re angry reading this. Nothing would be better than you feeling ready to flip your computer or tablet. Wait just a moment, though. There’s a solution. Now that you know we’re all bred into this Matrix, it’s time to escape it.

Imagine living a life plump with experiences like I described at the beginning of the post. All you have to do is break down your self-limiting beliefs. What’s the real reason you can’t travel in your twenties and thirties? With crowd-sourced travel, Go Fund Me campaigns, cheap hostels, and the beauty of the Internet, I don’t see one. Throw your fear out the window.

Explain why you’re taking an entry-level job you hate. Aren’t you creative enough to concoct a new, better way for your industry to function? Of course you are, so let’s ditch the low self-esteem.

You’re starting to get the idea. Each of us can live outside of the Matrix. The only thing stopping us is… us. I’ll be honest- stepping outside of the Matrix is scary. It takes a great deal of faith in yourself, a determination to succeed, and just a little bit of crazy. I’ve pulled up the curtain and exposed the puppet masters. When you’re ready to write your own script, step outside the Matrix and join me.