1. Heart rate
  2. Train insane or remain the same.
  3. Every minute of leisure time physical activity that you do, whether it’s walking around the block, doing push-ups, or dancing around your living room, adds seven minutes to your life expectancy


  1. Calories
    1. BMR
    2. Weight calculations
  2. Macros
  3. Dining out
    1. List of restaurants near your house
    2. Restaurants that have options you like


  1. Minimizing possessions
  2. More is not always better
    1. Smaller homes are easier to maintain, less expensive, assumes less financial risk, less environmental impact and frees up resources to pursue other passions in life.
    2. Easier to scale up than it is to scale down.


  1. We are developing habits whether we like it or not.
  2. How you do anything is how you do everything.
  3. Rather than your decision just affecting this moment in time, you’re actually affecting the person you’re becoming.
  4. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Most success comes from long term stamina.

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