A few months ago I passed an RV on the highway and a decal on the side of it caught my eye. There was a magnet that had all 50 states outlined. Bright states that the rig had been to were scattered about, but many were missing. I peered into the window and looking down at me was a man in his 60s. At that moment I decided I would focus all my drive and determination toward seeing the world with all my health, youth and vitality. My idea of retirement is not watching life through a pane of glass.

One of the biggest regrets I read about in a recent article of the dying was that they never utilized the time they had while they had health. Something we all take for granted. Without sounding negative, it always boggled my mind reading and hearing about the passion that the 20-something generation has for travel. Travel has become a buzz word to say at local bars or post on dating websites when describing ones desires in life.

It interests me greatly to travel the world around me and discover others while learning more about myself. An article I stumbled across explained an alternative to traditional college education by completing a series of tasks. Culture and maturity, they say, are the things we truly continue our schooling past high school for. Memorize the names of every country, buy a round the world plane ticket, read classic texts, acquire a variety of interesting skills and write.Many of my travels are embarked upon alone and have brought me a great level of joy and happiness in doing so. It’s not as lonely as one may think it is out there. I’ve found much solitude and oneness with others, nature and art during adventures. Somehow colleagues find it odd or crazy that I experience the world in this way so I learned to embrace the uniqueness of my technique and use it as a platform to share.The average outcome of your life is based off of small decisions you make every day. Today I decide to follow my dream instead of letting dogma follow me.