“I launched a Go Fund Me campaign, and I set a date for the first event.”

“After realizing I’ve taken on so much work, I raised my prices last week. People are still buying.”

“I took the first step towards becoming my manager self by hiring some people to do work for me.”

These statements are just a glimpse into what you might hear if you listened in on my weekly Mastermind phone call. Together, our group shares wins and challenges in both our personal and professional lives. We work through the struggles and triumphs together. We create business ideas together. We challenge each other to reach new heights.

I got the idea for this Mastermind group a few months ago. I was planning a weekend trip to the mountains. My friend, Jonathan, sent me a web, which mapped how the ten of us going on the trip were connected. That particular web stemmed from Jonathan; he had connected most of us together through dinner parties, weekend adventures, whatever.

It took me staring at the web for some time to realize that I have a network of my own. I initiated the Mastermind phone call to share that network with others and help connect people who can problem-solve, support, and challenge one another. This group of people has a burning desire to continually advance themselves. Each member knows that life is about people, and progress doesn’t happen solo.

Fast-forward a few months.

The calls have gained a reputation of their own. People are begging to be on the phone calls because they’ve heard about our high-engagement conversations. The business ideas created on these calls are now in the public eye. Never did I think when I started these calls at the beginning of 2015 that I would be getting paid to host them. Who would have imagined that people would be paying me to train them to form their own Mastermind groups?

My passion to develop leaders wouldn’t be very useful without a network of people to develop. Where have you set your sights? Chances are, your next goal can’t be reached without connecting with others. It’s time to break out that old, black phonebook- or your iPhone6- and reach out to the people in your life. You’ll be surprised at what comes next.