It’s no secret that the photos I take and post to social media seem to get a lot of attention from friends. Photographic journalism is a unique way for me to capture my life in more than just words. When I look back on a photo I took of somewhere in the world, local or foreign, I’m reminded of the entire context of the visit. Sounds, smells, sights and sensations are all bundled into that memory. Periodically looking back at my archive makes me appreciate the people and places I’ve been fortunate to see.

A nifty little post on the 50 states gives a short explanation as to some of the drive behind my madness to do so much travel but a main part of this is to simply record experiences.

A cool opportunity I see with my photos is to positively influence others to do something different outside of their daily routine. That’s how the #PlacesIveBeen campaign came to fruition. Simply a way to share a location that you’ve been which inspired you or is core to you in some regard.

If the “places you’ve been” are only local dives, cups of coffee at Starbucks or somehow commonplace in your mind, share it anyway. Your city doesn’t suck as much as you may think it does and it makes me sad to hear folks from most places bash their hometowns. Trust me that someone is paying to travel to where you are as we speak. Make an impact on the world and give others the opportunity to be a part of it.

No matter how small or big your place is I encourage you to post a photo in reply to this post and proudly tag it #PlacesIveBeen.

The world is waiting to hear from you.