When I think about role models, I usually think about someone like Steve Jobs. He was a brilliant contributor to technology and focused on personal growth along the way. Abraham Lincoln also comes to mind. He was a self-made man who taught himself everything he needed to know, and he did great things for America. I can think of plenty of people I’d like to shadow, but today, I want to be more like a baby.

Once you stick a baby in his playroom, it’s destroyed in a matter of minutes. There is no way the baby will simply play with the blocks you put out in front of him. After two minutes of blocks, he will be tearing books off the playroom bookshelf. Then, he’ll find his way to the nicely organized toy cars and start ramming them into the wall. Before five minutes are up, he will have also thrown his stuffed animals all over the room.

Babies are into everything they can get their hands on because they don’t yet know what makes them happy. Elementary aged kids don’t have it figured out either. If you ask a 3rd grader once a week what she wants to be for 10 consecutive weeks, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Once we become adults, we are expected to instantly have it all figured out. By freshman year of high school, we should know what colleges we’re applying to. By senior year of high school, our major better be selected. Once we’re seniors in college, we are doomed for failure if we don’t have our first “real job” lined up.

What happens to those of us who don’t have it all blueprinted by the time the clock strikes midnight on our 18th birthday? We should aim to be like babies. Everything we can possibly get ourselves into, we should. If you aren’t happy in your career but don’t know what you want to do, join a Mastermind call or a professional networking group. For those who aren’t sure what to pursue an education in, take a semester off and travel abroad. Why continue living somewhere you aren’t happy? Live for a few months in a number of different cities.

As we get older, it becomes less socially acceptable to act like a baby. But when was the last time you saw a baby cry out of genuine unhappiness? They don’t. The only time babies make a fuss is when they’re hungry, tired, or need their diaper changed. Babies spend the rest of their time doing whatever they want to find happiness. They don’t care if their mom has to clean up the playroom; they’re exploring all their options, and no one is going to hold a baby back.