Mindfulness Warps Brain

“It prevents arguments.”

This was the first of a long list of benefits my friend Vince experienced after meditating once a day for a year. At first he wasn’t convinced there was much of a difference. A “test” for him to see if he could follow something through.

Meditation and mindfulness have become cliche.

Frankly a bit annoying to hear people talk about. But you have to respect someone who spent every day doing a repetitive task. Like your gym obsessed buddy or BFF who puts in the work then has muscle to show for it, Vince has warped his own mental muscle that he shared during our chat.

Here Is Your Brain On Zen

  • Relaxed: After spending the time to meditate, Vince reported feeling relaxed with improved breathing.
  • Accomplished: It was the achievement that kept him driving forth to the finish line.
  • Proactive: Meditation gave him the ability to talk himself out of an anxious state which reduced tense moments and increased happiness. It’s easier to identify moments where he needs a moment to step away.
  • Focused: Easier to capture the mind when it starts to wander too far from center or slow it down when it races.

Hearing this, I had tons of questions.

Did he plan on continuing this daily ritual? Was he ever nervous about skipping a day? Wouldn’t being anxious about a daily ritual would cause waves throughout his life even though that habit was meditation?

Vince is still as reactive as before his mindfulness practice but is now better at recognizing it. He can choose to do something about it. Mindfulness opened up choice for him without creating a new concrete pattern.

“I don’t feel nervous about reverting [to my pre-mindful state]. After learning the routine, I can always spend a few minutes to get away and do some breathing exercises and focus exercises.” – Vince


Many say that meditation is a marathon not a sprint. Coming from a guy who ran the marathon it sounds to me like taking a moment to chillax is something we all can take advantage of in our day.

Whether you choose to use an app, record your own guided meditation, rent-a-mantra or simply breathe in some free air; mindfulness is ready to warp your mind, too.

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