People became skeptical when they learned about my trip. Many ask if I was escaping some sort of problem. It’s unusual to just pick up and drive across country by yourself with really no plan other than to explore. My answer was simple as I shared my story of seeing the old man in the RV, not wanting not to be my future. But the more I thought about life and the money we make. The things we do day-to-day that we consider important I started to realize something else.

Money to me has a much deeper meaning then it’s ability to buy time. First they say, you cannot “lifetime”. However, money gives us the freedom to enjoy certain aspects of life that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. We are taught from young to use money for the accumulation of material things. Which I personally have my own things that I collect, so who am I to judge?

I collect small things, onesie may not even notice. So small in fact that it takes a large amount of them to really make a difference. But as you start collecting these things and building them up, every new thing you collect becomes even more valuable and make sure life that much better. These things are what I call experiences.