3 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

Imagine you’re a baker. Not just any baker, the best baker in town.

So good that you won the annual baking competition 5 years in a row. Your friends buy them (they even helped create some of the bestselling flavors). Even your mom thinks your cupcakes are great.

But the problem is… You don’t know how to sell cupcakes. Sad face. ☹️

I know right?

As CEO of Broke Bakery, you’re concered about the trajectory of your business as it stands. Without some serious intervention you might go belly up.

If Martha Stewart can do it, why can’t you? If Gordon Ramsey can do it, why can’t you?

You spent the butter half of your life behind a mixing bowl grinding away at shards of flour, perfecting your craft. In fact, your bomb-diggity cupcakes win out every blind taste test from your competitor, Rich Bakery.

This is the story of Broke vs. Rich Bakery.

After spending every evening in Barnes & Noble reading sales and marketing books it only makes things more confusing. It’s so much more comforting to sit back and learn how to satisfy your customers with your sweet gooey cupcrack.

Here’s the thing.

Most struggling business owners make the same mistakes.

They are predictable and you’re not alone.

Whether you’ve never cracked the code to marketing your business all the way to having a Ph.D on the subject, it takes separating the different duties in your “bakery” to see wild success.

At Broke Bakery our rules are: 👎🏻

  • Try all techniques at the same time in order to test results
  • Figure things out ourselves (aka Google it if you don’t know it)
  • Keep a tight budget because we’ve tried marketing before and it doesn’t work

At Rich Bakery their rules are: 👍🏻

  • Double down on what you do well
  • Create automated systems for bringing customers into the business
  • Hire experts and listen to people who have ‘been there done that got the T-shirt’ (PS: not a friend or Uncle Joe)

1. Random Acts of Marketing

Profitable businesses like Rich Bakery don’t do random acts of marketing. They build simple, repeatable and predictably profitable campaigns that pump cash into the bottom line; over and over again.

This means:

  • Promotions have clear measurements and tracking so you know what is working
  • Campaigns that work well are repeated
  • When appropriate profitable campaigns are scaled with effective marketing

In thriving businesses, marketing is not a shoot from the hip approach. Promotions are planned, created, and measured. Then, the successful ones are repeated and maximized.

2. Thinking They Know the Best Way to Sell Their Product

Smart owners know the things they should never do themselves in business. They work hard to learn the skill of outsourcing and work with people and agencies who are experts at marketing.

Do you know what works for your bakery in the Fall? Summer? Winter?

Someone does… and it’s not always you.

In the fast paced evolution of digital marketing and advertising, following OPM (Other People’s Marketing) to swipe their strategies doesn’t work. Because what you see is working today, not what’s going to work tomorrow.

You need someone in your corner who focuses on keeping your company ahead of the curve, while you work on knocking customers socks off. Each role is a full-time gig, that’s why it is so hard for business owners to find time to do quality, effective marketing.

Stop thinking you know the best way to sell your product. Be the best baker in town. Not the best salesman.

Thriving businesses hire experts at selling cupcakes, instead of trying to do it all themselves.

3. Trying to Cash In at a Rapid Pace

Brilliant businesses don’t cram their cupcakes in peoples faces.

They attract customers through an automated, scalable and personable systems that respect “the customers journey.”  

Every business has a process their customers go through to find them and become a buyer.

Think of the customer journey as a roadmap of how a customer becomes aware of your business, their interactions with you during the selling process, and what happens after they buy.

If you move too quickly through the journey, you’ll turn potential customers off. If you move too slowly, you leave cash on the table.

You have to market to customers according to where they are on their journey so you communicate correctly and maximize sales.

Most business owners are not experts at identifying where their customers are in the buying cycle and communicating with them appropriately.

When you do, sales will soar and it will feel effortless.

The best part is this kind of marketing can be automated and scaled easily.

Are you Broke or Rich Bakery?

At the end of the day it’s not what Rich Bakery did, that attributed to their success, but what they didn’t do.

They stopped:

  • Overwhelming themselves by reading books on marketing tactics
  • Started to think clearly about how to serve their customers with higher quality products
  • Hired experts who knew how to sell their cupcakes, while they focused on baking

If you’re like Broke Bakery, there’s a lot to learn from the tactics of Rich Bakery. Wearing all the hats is the fastlane to a massive migraine.

I don’t want that for you, which is why I’m setting aside some time on my calendar for anyone who reads this article and wants to start building marketing, sales and systems that grow their business.

Book a call if you’re ready to see how we will take your business from broke to rich with scalable marketing campaigns. Don’t worry, we’ll rip the bandaid off quickly and tenderly. 😃