The old saying goes something like, “People will not remember you for what you did or said, but how you made them feel.” How are you impacting every person around you? Do you take the time to truly connect with friends? Family members? Coworkers?

A few years ago I attended a funeral and listened carefully to what was said about the gentleman who had passed. Tears of joy, anger and sadness swept across the room with a series of stories that took place. This got me to thinking about my own life and what others will say about me when I pass on.

To the drawing board. This year I’ve compiled a 2013 goals list. In this list I have reminded myself to not wait to start living. When weaving my life story I’d like to leave back a positive impact on others but also see how best I can stick to my mission statement throughout the year. Over the course of life it is not what you do in a single moment but that which you do consistently that will bring the happiness and success you seek.

Have you ever thought about writing your own eulogy? A mission statement in many ways is similar, except of course used under very different circumstances. Think about taking some time to be intentional about asking yourself questions that will inspire your growth. It’s painful to think that we will not always be remembered for what counts if we are too involved in our own situations that we cannot be outwardly focusing on creating positive feelings in others.

Humans are hard wired to be social beings. Interdependence is an important part of survival even though we seem more disconnected than ever lately with the wave of technology. Stand out and make a difference to someone new, one soul at a time.