Our Brains Are Outsourced

Real issues facing the world today are the realities that we are no longer in a position to hunt and gather our own food. All of our physiological needs are outsourced to other people who build our houses, design our cars, manufacture our food and create community...


I Want To Be More Like A Baby

I Want To Be More Like A Baby

When I think about role models, I usually think about someone like Steve Jobs. He was a brilliant contributor to technology and focused on personal growth along the way. Abraham Lincoln also comes to mind. He was a self-made man who taught himself everything he needed...


195 Countries And You’ve Only Seen One

195 Countries And You’ve Only Seen One

A few years ago while traveling in a hostel in Toronto, an Australian that I made friends with noticed I was fumbling through pockets for my passport. “Do you mind if I take a look at that?” he asked. After handing it over I watched him simply stare at the...


You are a man of hunger, desiring for more, but not the vain pursuits of weaker minds, but of nobler things. Pursuits of freedom to chase the calls of knowledge, wisdom & philanthropy. Always desiring to better your fellow man, to challenge him to become more than he was the day prior. You stand among your peers yet humbly ask for their critique, this humility, this constant desire to improve, is what sets you apart.



You see the world differently than most people do; appreciate what many wouldn’t notice, like an abandoned hospital. You’re proactive on what you want and waste no time getting there.